Lingua East offers customized language services to help accomplished speakers of English as a second language to improve their accent and command of English.

Our certified speech trainer combines years of experience with traditional methods and modern technology and research to help clients gain confidence and ease of communication in English. Learn more about Gwendolyn Lewis, MA, CCC-SLP here.

When you speak a second language with an accent, sometimes native speakers of that language have to work a little bit harder to understand you. With an accent package from Lingua East, you can:

  • Improve your pronunciation of Standard American English
  • Learn the intonation patterns used by native speakers
  • Master the vocabulary you use every day
  • Have more successful conversations on the telephone
  • Gain confidence in English
  • Let people hear your ideas, without them focusing on your accent

Life is much easier when people can hear your ideas. Here are 20 reasons to work on your accent.

If you are ready to improve your English, then complete a free speech snapshot today. You’ll get individualized feedback from our speech trainer!

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