In the corporate world, some of the best talent comes from far away. Hiring managers often have to choose among excellent candidates from India, Venezuela, Mexico, and Germany. A great interview leads to an offer, and soon the new hire is working with native English-speaking professionals on a team. They have solid technical skills and an intermediate level of English as a second language, and everyone on the team is looking forward to the contributions their new colleague will make to the team and the company as a whole. It is often at this point after the interview that communication difficulties begin to appear.

Communication difficulties show up as small written errors in emails and other professional communication. An accent might create a challenge for team members, users, vendors, or others to understand the employee’s speech. When the new hire has difficulty understanding spoken language, it can make for uncomfortable meetings where they fall behind in the flow of ideas and contribute less than is expected of them. It can also lead to errors and delays when instructions are given verbally and the employee does not fully understand.

In addition to errors and delays, language problems in the workplace can lead to wasted resources, costing the company time and money. These undue costs can lead to stress at the level of management, with repercussions in projects when the time or cost goals are not achieved.

In order to improve productivity and reduce the stress and waste associated with language problems in the workplace, corporate speech pathology has emerged to answer the call. Corporate speech pathologists are trained experts in speech and language production. Rather than applying their expertise in the traditional settings such as schools or hospitals, corporate speech pathologists work with companies and their employees to maximize communication and enhance the process of employee development.

Lingua East provides corporate speech pathology services to companies looking to bolster the success of employees speaking English as a second language. We understand that when the employee succeeds, the company succeeds. Contact us today to learn more about our speech training packages for employee development. Services may be offered in person or via videochat, and we may be able to travel to your location.