We believe that everyone has great ideas, but sometimes it is difficult to share them with others. Our certified speech trainer wants to help you achieve clear communication so you can communicate effectively, with ease and confidence.

The Lingua East Method

The bilingual speech-language pathologist at Lingua East uses a combination of techniques to help clients achieve clear speech. We use knowledge of language and the brain, traditional accent modification programs, the latest research in the area of English language learning and accent modification, and spectrographic feedback to help clients not only hear a difference, but to see a difference as well.

Spectrograms such as this one ("it, eat, earth") provide visual information about the distribution of energy in the speech signal.
Spectrograms such as this one (“it, eat, earth”) provide visual information about the distribution of energy in the speech signal.

We offer flexible scheduling including evenings and weekends to accommodate the busiest of schedules, with two programs to help you meet your English language goals. While our programs do have a common structure, all programs are customized to meet your individual communication needs.

The 3 Month Package

Researchers have found that changing an accent takes approximately three months. So, in our 3 Month Package, you’ll receive the following:

    • Initial speech assessment at no extra cost
    • 12 one-on-one sessions with our certified speech trainer
    • Instructional materials to help you improve your speech sounds, intonation, and vocabulary in English
    • Daily feedback on practice outside the sessions
    • Exclusive help with the English language, specialized for your individual needs

Get started by signing up for the In-Person: Assessment below. (If you are outside the Charlotte area, sign up for the Web-Based: Assessment.)


At Lingua East, we believe that everyone has ideas worth sharing, but communication does not always come easily. We encourage you to contact us with any questions you may have.

Let them hear your ideas, not your accent.