I get a lot of calls from people who want me to teach them English. As much as I would like to help them improve their communication skills in a second language, I almost always refer them to English classes. I am not an English teacher. Lingua East is not a language institute. Speech training is more than that.

Speech training is for people who have already learned the language. You don’t have to have perfect English, but enough English to be able to have a conversation with a native speaker. Most of my clients use English every day at work, or they are looking for a job where they will need to use English.

When you take an English class, you learn the grammar and vocabulary, and how to put words together into a sentence. English classes give you exposure to the language in its written form, too, so that you can read and understand signs, newspapers, books, and websites.

Speech training, on the other hand, teaches you how to properly produce the sounds of the language, how those sounds interact in the spoken language, and how the voice is used to add meaning to a message. Some of speech training is learning the relevant words for a given situation, but the focus is on how to produce those words.

If you want to learn English, then take an English class or hire a private English tutor. Here in Charlotte, there are some great opportunities offered at Independence Regional Library. If you want to speak the language clearly, then sign up for a free consultation below to see if speech training is right for you.